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About Me


I'm Brittany Hillmon, the creator and founder of Final Touch Event Rentals. I live in Cypress, TX (outside Houston) with my disabled Army Veteran husband, 3 girls, and bonus son. I myself grew up as an Army Brat and have lived in many different places which has made life very interesting.


Being a busy mom, life seems to be a never-ending round of planning for kids' parties so I figured, I may as well do this for a living! I have become so proficient at finding party supplies for a variety of interests and tastes and being in tune with the needs of the party host and venue, that it was really just a natural progression to start an event supplies rental business.


I am also heavily involved in volunteer work for non-profit organizations where budget is obviously of the utmost importance. Supplying furniture, linens, backdrops, and more on a budget, whilst still leaving a lasting impression, is one of my greatest strengths.


Prior to starting this business, I was an elementary school teacher. As such, planning, organization, and attention to detail are all part of the job, so I have all the requisite skills to find all the right supplies for any event! I also planned my own wedding with military precision and the day was an absolute success and one I will enjoy thinking about for the rest of my life.


I love to make a vision become reality and delight in finding small details that create a big impact. I am passionate about my work and take great pride in giving my clients all the supplies they need to create a memorable event that will be within their budget but will not skimp on style and pizzazz.

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